• Craftsmanship in Siena, an open-air treasure trove

    History, beauty, but also secrets and tradition: the five artisans you cannot absolutely miss during your stay in Siena

    An open-air treasure trove, which hides a secret world of tradition and craftsmanship. Here are the five artistic craft shops that you will want to visit during your stay at our Grand Hotel Continental Siena - Starhotels Collezione.

    Located on Via Fontebranda, at number 77, Laboratorio Tiezzi Ceramiche Artistiche creates replicas of Sienese masterworks of the past inspired by the colors and iconography of the contradas of the Palio of Siena. All pieces of pottery are hand-painted according to the age-old techniques used by master Sienese ceramists.

    Let’s head to the central Via dei Pellegrini, where we find a shop in its tenth year of activity, La Fabbrica delle Candele. This is the place where you can watch wax being molded and shaped

    into artistic candles, which are decorated or painted strictly by hand. On Via Santa Caterina, Luca Pollai welcomes us into his fabulous world of color and tradition. Laboratorio Artistico Luca provides pictorial decoration on wood, lacquering, cold decoration on glass, silkscreen printing on wood, leaf gilding, paintings on fabric and artwork replicas. A must-see.

    At 88 Via delle Terme, Il Galeone has set the benchmark for handmade jewelry. The “Fiabe d’argento” line, designed by Giovanna Giudici for children and adults alike, draws inspiration from the fairy-tale world.

    Our tour of Siena’s artistic craft shops ends in Via  J. Cozzarelli  13,  where the Laboratorio di Alessandro Voltolini deals with interior decorating, trompe l'oeil painting, restoration and fresco painting. Stay tuned for the next episode…..